Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arlington Wreath Project 2008-Part One

We got up at 4:30 am to head up to Arlington National Cemetery, for the Arlington part of Wreaths Across America,
and were flabbergasted when we got there that there was so Much traffic that it took us a half hour just to get In to Arlington Cemetery. We had No idea that so Many people would show up.I kept saying over and over "This is just....Amazing."

It was a sunny but Cold day, and the wind was blowing. I haven't seen any numbers of crowd estimates, would be interested to know how many folks were there.

We took a great many pictures, so I've broken the pictures up into two slide shows, the first one is here

and I hope it gives you some idea of both the crowd, and also how the gravesites looked before people started laying their wreaths.

When we laid the wreaths, they asked that you read the name, and years of service and date of death, and also paused a moment to honor the person whose grave you were laying the wreath on.

This was such a moving project to be a part of.

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