Saturday, February 07, 2009

Blogging the 'Welcome Home'

Sorry it's taken me so long, but I had a gazillion pictures and videos to upload before I could post.

I'm splitting my post up between here and my family blog.......I'll post the random picture and video links there, and post here mostly the 'Welcome Home' links.

First of all, from here's a link to a story about the unit's homecoming

Stryker Brigade, Military Police Soldiers return from Iraq
Jan 28 By Sgt.Major Terry Anderson

and here's a story and video from

Homecoming for 200 Soldiers at Wheeler Army Air Field

over on Facebook, I posted an album with the 'Welcome Home' pics and pictures we took while visiting with our soldier.

Album 2

On MySpace, I posted the video we took of the Welcoming Ceremony

for the rest of the picture and video links from our Most Excellent Trip, you can visit my family blog Here

We felt blessed, to be able to welcome Dustin , and the men and women who served with him, home. And we are very proud of him, and the job that all of them did.


I also posted on Facebook the pictures we took on our visit to Punchbowl cemetery

We had a special reason for wishing to visit there, I have a friend who lost an Uncle during the Korean war........she posted about it Here where she says in part :
My family lost my Uncle Billy, William Douglas, while he was a teenager, POW in the Korean "Conflict" is how he died, enlisted at 17 (shh) and died as a teenager. I hope he had a girlfriend sometime in his life, yanno, and I know he got a chance to drink tho, if he'd wanted to. Well, pre-18, he wasn't "allowed" to sign up to die, or be drafted, but he snuck in, so he could pay the foster care payments for my mother and their younger sister, so they wouldn't be adopted out. Seriously. My mom can barely talk about him sometimes; it hurts so much that he died over there.
She also posted about her uncle Here and Here

so, after learning so much about this young man we'd never met, who lost his life so many years ago, we felt privileged and humbled, to be able to visit the place where he is memorialized.)
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