Sunday, April 05, 2009

Visiting "The Wall That Heals"

We visited The Wall That Heals yesterday, and it was still a moving experience, although we've seen the Wall in DC several times before.

As I was walking past the smaller scale replica, I passed a Veteran who was touching a name on the Wall......and then he began speaking to his wife about the death of the fellow soldier whose name he was touching, and began to cry. Tears in my own eyes, I moved on past quietly, this was a private moment that I didn't want to intrude upon.....I looked back later to see his wife gently touching his shoulder, as he tried to pull himself together, and I said to my husband "I hope this helps him begin to heal....."

When we got home, I noticed in our local paper that one veteran had taken exception to where the Wall was placed, in this letter to the Editor
Viet Vets Forgotten Again

but we didn't get that feeling, from visiting, that it had been set up in an 'out of the way place'.....we live near where the Wall was set up, and all day long until late into the evening, we could hear traffic and motorcycles from the visitors to the Wall.

While we were there, we also saw a custom made motorcycle, which my husband took Many pictures of, as you'll see in the slideshow......someone took an enormous amount of time, getting this done, and it's breathtaking

I'm grateful to the Veterans group that worked to have this Wall brought to our town. Thank you.
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