Monday, April 27, 2009

Volunteering at the 2009 Face of America Bike Ride

My daughter and I went up to Northern Va. on Friday night and Early on Sat morning we went with a fellow Angel and good friend to hang banners at the start of the bike ride in Bethesda.MD.
Here's the link to a short video I took at the start:

Start of the 2009 FOA Bike Ride

My daughter went on to spend the day volunteering while my friend and I left to attend the Milblog conference,
and then the 3 of us plus Greta headed up to volunteer for the 2nd day of the ride on Sunday morning. This was the third year my daughter and I had volunteered, but the first time we were able to volunteer on the second day and be there at the end of the ride.

I have lots of pics, which I'll have to get around to posting later.....but, my daughter took a video of the end of the ride with all the riders coming in that I wanted to share

End of the 2009 FOA Bike Ride

This is just an amazing, amazing event to be a part of as a volunteer.......the wonderful folks who are riding that you get to meet, and the other wonderful volunteers that you also get to meet.
The gentleman who played the bagpipes (whose name I unfortunately failed to ask for) just showed up and said he wished to 'pipe the riders in'.

I'll post links to the pictures later, but wanted to share this now. Fantastic job again this year, by World Team Sports, and Soldiers Angels was one of the many sponsors, by all the volunteers......

but most of all, by all the Riders......all of y'all are Great!!!
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