Saturday, August 08, 2009

Came across several new-to-me blogs...thanks! to Doc in the Box

So last night I peruse Sean's post about he and his bride's 4th anniversary
4 Year Anniversary in San Francisco
(and belated Happy Anniversary wishes to both he and his bride! :)

and he posts a link to a Navy "IA" (Individual Augmentee) blog.....which sent me on a troll of all the links listed on the first blog, and so on to all the links listed after know how it goes, you start out in one place online and the next thing you know, you've been reading blog posts for several hours,lol.

anyway, came across a hilarious post on one of them that had me FOTCL ("falling out of the chair laughing" :) ....from In the NARMY now....... Narmy Strong

nice to see that there's plenty of good blogging still going on, from both Iraq and Afghanistan, and yes, even one from Djibouti......and I learned that there's a whole world of Navy IA bloggers out there, who knew?

so, thanks! Doc in the Box ,for including the first link that sent me on my way reading :)

If you're interested in checking out the links? (and yes, I submitted them to , because that's just what 'milbloggers' do,LOL, they tell other milbloggers about new military blogs) no particular order, here they are.......

Djohn's Djibouti Djournal

Uncle Cobs joins the Narmy

Deploying in a "Sea" of Sand .....


In the NARMY now

Highland Sailor

There's sand in my...

Kickin' through the sand

3rd time,new country

All these folks are quite interesting, and it's a privilege to be able to read about the jobs they are doing.....Thank You! to each of you, for your service......and, for blogging about it, so we can share a bit of your journey!
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