Monday, August 10, 2009

Want to make your voice heard about the Military,Social Media, and Web 2.0?

Via a subscription to the DOD Military Health System newsletter, I was sent a link to

-A Blog for YOUR Participation in the Discussions about Web 2.0 and Social Media in the DoD

it's called the DOD Web 2.0 Guidance Forum

In the Welcome post, it states in part: The Department of Defense (DoD) Web 2.0 Guidance Forum is a new initiative to solicit input from the public.......The Web 2.0 Guidance Forum will allow the public to comment and make suggestions to key DoD decision makers regarding useage of Web 2.0 capabilities.

The Web 2.0 Guidance Forum is open to the general public for comments. That said, the public stakeholder groups we are most interested in hearing from include the following:

Families of military serving overseas

DoD interest groups, including veterans groups, think tanks, academia and others

The Web 2.0 technology community

Government-Industry groups focused on how government and industry collaborate, and

most importantly
Soldiers and sailors and civilians currently using Web 2.0 tools

(They plan plan on keeping the Web forum available and open for comments through the end of August. )
Thus far, I have found very few comments I wanted to try and help spread the word about this. You can't make your voice heard, and make a difference, if you don't even know where to go to do, now you know..........

of particular interest to me, was this post
Use of Web 2.0 Capabilities by Military Families

You can read the link, but the main focus is here:

We want to examine the importance and relevance of Web 2.0 capabilities to Military families and get your view of its impact. We have three questions we would like to pose for discussion:

Q. How valuable and what are the benefits of Web 2.0/social media tools to military families with love ones who are deployed? Is this a critical necessity, or merely a useful addition to your options?

Q. What impact would there be to families, with loves ones who are deployed, if Web 2.0/social media tools were NOT available to military members serving over seas?

Q. When communicating with your love ones who are deployed, which social medium do you use most frequently?

I'm going to email that link to all the military families I know.....we need to get in on this discussion!!

And now, I'm off to add my 2 cents worth to the discussion above......please, help spread the word, and consider adding your own views to the discussion.
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