Sunday, December 13, 2009

White House policy: No letter to families of military suicides

This DOD news release Army Releases November Suicide Data reminded me that I have yet to post about this recent news story on CNN
White House policy: No letter to families of military suicides

As I have been part of the Soldiers Angels Living Legends Team for the past several years, this story appalled me. The Living Legends Team sends condolence cards on behalf of Soldiers Angels to the family of Every fallen Hero, regardless of the manner of their death.

Until this CNN report, I was not aware that the Commander in Chief did NOT do the same on behalf of our nation.

The CNN story links to the letter written by Mr.Keesling to President Obama.....please make sure you take the time to click the link in that story and read the letter. Mr.Keesling respectfully requests that the administration review the policy of not sending letters of condolence to the families of those servicemembers who die by suicide.......and I wish to add my voice to his, in requesting the same.

As you can see by the 405 comments on the CNN story, suicide raises quite a lot emotions and judgemental thoughts about those who take their own lives.

But as for me? I simply feel it is Not for Me to Judge, whether or not the family of a servicemember who takes their own life should receive a condolence card from me .

I only feel it is incumbent upon me to acknowledge their loss, and express my sympathy and support to that family.
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