Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fallen Hero Memorial Arrives....With Several Errors

Back in October, I posted Sadly, Controversy Surrounds a Memorial for a Local Fallen Hero

The questions being asked at the time of Clayton Murwin, "where is the memorial? or where is the money that was donated for the memorial?" have now been answered.

The memorial is here.....
It just, sadly, has several errors (from  the WHSV TV story)
Long-Awaited Memorial Arrives with Multiple Errors

The word 'commemorated' is misspelled on the front of the memorial,and  the Turner Ashby high school name is transposed into "Ashby Turner High School" in the list of donors on the back.

Now, Clayton Murwin is NOT responsible for the spelling errors on the memorial,

 but he Is responsible for Commissioning a memorial, that was Paid for by donors from the Broadway and surrounding communities.

Via the Daily News-Record (behind a subscription wall) is this story
Memorial Arrives-Misspelled

Mr. Murwin's attorney in the above newspaper article, says that" a bronze plaque will be placed over the engraved text to cover up the spelling mistake on the front", but apparently nothing can be done to rectify the mistake on the donor list.

After my original post about this issue, I chose to say nothing further until  our community saw If and When the memorial arrived. The entire issue of this memorial seemed to have degenerated into some of the nastiest commenting back and forth that I have ever seen on the Internet, and  it seemed pointless to get involved in all that ugliness when time would tell whether a memorial had ever actually been ordered.

Time has indeed proved the friends of Mr. Muwin correct, that the memorial would arrive.

It's just a memorial ,paid for with $6800.00 of donated money, that has mistakes engraved on granite which will be partially fixed by covering up the text on the front with a bronze plaque, and not fixed at all in the donor list.

And Rockingham County schools say it cannot be placed on Broadway High School grounds until the errors are fixed.

This whole situation would seem to have verged into farce....if it were not just so unutterably sad.
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