Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wounded EOD Tech is an inspiration,IMHO

This story  Wounded EOD Technician Shares Experience, Choice   from
is about a relative by marriage, of a relative of mine (are you following all that?)

I think that John is truly an inspiration, and am awed by his courage and his attitude.......and then, in reading the comments on the story? sort of torqued off that more people seemed concerned about correcting the facts and grammer they felt were wrong in the story, than in commenting about  a truly heroic young man. 

Who among us, if we had lost both our legs while doing our job, would say 'I want to go Back?"......I'm not sure I could....but whether I could or not, it doesn't seem to me that the appropriate place to have a hissy fit over grammer is in the comment section of a story about someone who Did.

so please, consider taking the time to leave a comment on the story saluting the courage, bravery,aand attitude of John Kremer.

and, after that, perhaps you might want to check out the  Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation website.

God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless John and his family.
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