Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spread the Word about Mission:ABLE

From the Paralyzed Veterans of America 

"Did you know that?

More than 44,000 American veterans live with paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries cost up to $3 million per person in healthcare expenses, yet veterans' benefits aren’t always guaranteed.

An estimated $25 billion in veterans’ benefits dollars goes unclaimed every year"
This is an introduction to   Mission:ABLE
Paralyzed Veterans is leading the mission to make sure our veterans are:

Able to receive the benefits they've earned

Able to access the quality of care they need to live a full life

Able to get job training and opportunities for new careers

Able to enjoy competition and camaraderie though sports
See this video from the Band OAR in support of Mission: Able

and then check out this worthy cause for yourself!

Thank You.
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