Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Went to a Veteran's Luncheon yesterday, with my Aunt

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a Veteran's  Appreciation Luncheon
 hosted by Sen Mark Warner

with my aunt, who is  a Vietnam veteran who served in the Army Nurse Corps

The luncheon was held, appropriately enough, at the New Market Battlefield Museum

At  the beginning of the luncheon there was a moment that was profoundly moving to me, some young cadets from Massanutten Military Academy were posting the colors, and of course, all of us in the room were standing.
A recorded version of the Music to the Star Spangled Banner began playing, and almost immediately, a few of the veterans in the room began singing along with the music.......more and more, until they all were singing. I had tears in my eyes, listening to this.....and also, my heart swelled with gratitude, for my aunt and all the others like her who were there, from WW II and the Korean and Vietnam wars, down to the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan......the room was filled with an unbroken line of honorable service.

And we can never say 'Thank You' enough, can we?

(when I told my husband and son the above story, they asked 'why didn't you take the camera out and get some video?".......and I replied "you know what? there's some things you don't spoil, by hunting for the camera or cell phone to take a pic or record it......there are some moments you should just live right then while they're happening, and treasure them forever afterwards in your memory"

that sounds really good, huh? but actually, I'd completely Forgotten I had the camera in my purse:)
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