Friday, February 04, 2011

Belated Birthday and Anniversary Wishes to..

(I've been ill for part of this week, so missed posting these earlier)

Both a gentleman who served in WW I and the Army Nurse Corps celebrated 110 years this past week.

On Feb. 1, Frank Buckles celebrated his 110th birthday, and via I came across
this article about Mr. Buckles    Belated Birthday wishes to Mr. Buckles!

On Feb.2 , the Army Nurse Corps celebrated it's 110th can read more about this on the
Army Nurse Corps Blog  and  the Army Surgeon General's Blog

and you can find the Army Nurse Corps History page  HERE

(as many of you know, I'm a Licensed Practical Nurse, so it's always interesting for me to read about, and to celebrate, my 'sister nurses' and their accomplishments )

Also, I have a special place in my heart for the Army Nurse Corps because my aunt Lynn served , I had blogged about her service on the original version of this blog back in 2006
For My Aunt..A Thank You to an Army Nurse Corps Vietnam Veteran

And just this past week, I finished reading

which was an excellent book, and it was illuminating to read about these nurses I had never heard of before, and their trials and survival during wartime service.

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