Friday, May 23, 2008

Operation Love From Home, and Toys for Troops

A few more things I've had sitting in my inbox to pass on.

Friend Kat at Yikes! , who's been doing card drives for the troops for quite awhile, like her current 4th of July Card Drive

is in the process of getting Operation Love From Home set up as a non-profit entity
and has a website set up for Operation Love From Home

Kat is one of the staunchest troop supporters I know, and one of my very first 'blogging friends'.....and also just an all around Great Person :) Please check out the Operation Love From Home website , and here's sending good wishes to Kat on her new venture!!

(and, have you sent a card yet, for her latest card drive? the deadline to get them in by June 7th is fast approaching!!....correction, she's extended the deadline to June 14th...but that's still coming up soon!!)

I've also mentioned Toys For Troops before, and got an email recently that included the news that many of the soldiers they've been shipping Beanie Babies to, to hand out to children, have now come home. (including the son of the Toys for Troops founder, whose blog is here ) Hurray! and Welcome Home! to them!

These redeployments, though, mean that Toys For Troops is looking for new soldiers to send boxes of Beanie Babies (among other things), if you know a deployed soldier who has contact with children and might be interested in receiving a box of Beanie Babies to pass out to local children? stop by the Toys For Troops blog and see how to contact them!
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