Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Links About the 2008 Face of America bike Ride


(a pic of daughter April and I at the Lunch Stop in MD...Beautiful Park! and a Beautiful Day!)

Starting to find links to blog posts and pictures from both riders, and other volunteers, so wanted to pass them on to you.

My Angel friend over at View From the 8th Floor has her first post up, (with what I think is a wonderful picture of my daughter and I--Thanks!:)

What Would You Get Up at 4:30 am to Do?

and yes, we Did all get up at 4:30 am!! This was After getting lost trying to find our friend's place, as she had kindly offered for us to crash there so we wouldn't have to get up at 2:30 am.....given the choice, I'll pick 4:30 over 2:30 am Any day! So, there was a slight detour for April and I through Reagan National Airport, which is where we got turned around after we missed our exit....but that was nice,actually,LOL, I don't think I've been to Reagan National in years, and here I was driving past it at about 10 pm saying to April "wow, they've really changed this airport since I was last here!"and she's just like "MOM, could you please find the place we're going to?! I want to sleep!"

Still, I think we got More sleep than a lot of the riders, as you can see from Chuck Z's wife,Carren's, post here Day One Complete: 2008 Face of America Bike Ride

Chuck Z from From My Postion...On the Way! (whom I had heard speak at the Milblog conference last year, but was too shy to speak To him then, although I did chat with his wife back then for a minute) was there, and this time I Did speak to him,lol, And his wife,Carren (and please, nobody ask her about my Freudian slip of the tongue!)Chuck rode as half of 'Team Chuck Z" in the ride, and he has a post up, with some great pics

Top five things I learned on the Face of America ride

(and this is another example of 'cool things about the Internet', referencing back to my Happy Birthday,World Wide Web:) post...which JP of linked to my Yahoo 360 cross-post,which was Way Cool...oh darn, I lost my train of thought......oh yes! if you had ever told me, back in 2005 when I first started reading From My Postion..On the Way! that someday, I would Meet both Chuck and his wife,Carren? I wouldn't have believed it! )

The Other half of "Team Chuck Z" was Laughing Wolf from Blackfive.....whom I Also had a chance to speak with, and hey y'all, this is like meeting Rock Stars! for little ole Me :) Laughing Wolf has a short post on his blog Face Of America, The Quick Version and then mentions the bike ride at the beginning of this post over on Blackfive

UPDATE: This post got interrupted yesterday when my daughter had an accident at school....she got hit in the head with a softball during PE, Ouch! Mild concussion, but otherwise OK, and it Could have been a lot worse. Thanks! to all those who emailed me:)

My Angel friend over at View From the 8th Floor was also starting a Round Up of her own, and she did a Great job, so to finish this post, I'm just going to send you over to Her Round UP

Face of America Bike Ride 2008-Blog Round Up

and I'll end with this picture of a blogging buddy and I, I finally got to meet her after trying for over a year! and roped her into coming out to help us on Day One at the lunch stop (what are friends for?lol:)

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