Friday, May 09, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


Welcome to my weekly ’surf’ of the web for news by, and about, Soldiers Angels

( there was no web surf Last week, because my daughter and I, among Many others, were busy volunteering With Soldiers Angels, at the 2008 Face of America Bike Ride It was an Awesome event to volunteer at!:)

The Angel who blogs at View From the 8th Floor was also one of the volunteers last weekend, and she has a great Round Up post with links HERE

Sorry I wasn’t able to do the surf post last week, because there were lots of good posts by and about Soldiers Angels …..but one post I still wish to pass on,however belatedly, was Laughing Wolf’s post at Blackfive here, Some Thoughts On Soldier’s Angels

Moving on to This past week’s collection of posts………

Homefront Six had an awesome Tuesday last week! GUESS where I was today!!!

Fuzzilicious Thinking posts about Valour IT here Receiving and Asking

and speaking of Valour IT ? I came across this post which picqued my interest into his explanatory post, which you’ll find here
The View from North Central Idaho:Boomershoot 2008 Raffle Proceeds
Just totally awesome,huh?!

The NC SA VA Team is having a get-together May 17 Gathering of Fayetteville Area Angels

and Soldiers Angels of Alabama talks about Operation Recruiter Appreciation on that same day.

Soldiers Angels Germany tells us that The Soldiers Angels Sewing Team Announces BLANKETS OF BELIEF

Soldiers Angels Network passes along that LTC (CH) JAMES R. CHAPIN Needs Ongoing Assistance in Providing Clothing to Service Members on Emergency Leave

And,if you haven’t yet checked out the Soldiers Angels May Newsletter , you can find the link to that HERE

Lastly, Remembering Fallen Heroes

Soldiers Angels Louisiana Fort Polk mourns the loss of a hero

Soldiers Angels Texas Texas Lost 2 More Hero’s

That’s the end of the ’surf’ for this past week, Thank You, for coming along on the ride.

And don’t forget to watch Sunday Night, the results of teleflora’s and NBC’s America’s Favorite Mom !!!
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