Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bad News for a Bad Voodoo Soldier

Was very distressed yesterday to come across this post on

Army punishes Soldier for participation in Bad Voodoo’s War

(FRONTLINE) Sfc. Nunn reports to FRONTLINE that the Army punished him for his participation in the film "with a letter of reprimand in my permanent record so that I cannot be promoted or reenlist." He says that "nothing illegal happened and proper protocol was followed" and that he is appealing the Army's decision to ensure that "I leave with an honorable discharge instead of a general discharge and I am trying to clear my name and record as well."Read the entire story here on FRONTLINE PBS, including a letter to PBS from SFC Nunn.Stay updated on SFC Nunn’s blog over at

If you haven't watched PBS Frontline Bad Voodoo's War ? I urge you to take the time now to do so, you can find the link to watch the entire story online HERE

I haven't seen too much discussion yet online of the repurcussions for SFC Nunn (of course, I could be using the wrong search terms?) but I did come across this thoughtful post here (even though the writer sometimes refers to SFC Nunn as "SFC Dunn")

The Costs of War

and the most excellent Troy Bouhammer weighs in here Why the Army ticks me off sometimes

With my husband's son currently deployed? it meant a great deal to both he and I, to be able to watch the PBS Frontline Bad Voodoo's War to try and gain some insight into what his son may be going through.

My husband (an Army veteran himself) made the comment as we watched the show that "the Army is Not going to like" some of what SFC Nunn was saying, and in the event, he seems to be proved right with that comment.

I tend to agree with the blogger at Only Wonder Understands , in his comment that "While the military is not commenting publicly on this, it is much more likely that Sfc. Nunn’s punishment is due to his honesty in the program......being honest about the good and bad of his job" (paraphrase mine)

and I can only hope, for SFC Nunn's sake, that as Troy Bouhammer says "I really hope the military leadership who’s deplorable actions imposed this punishment thinks twice or reverses their decision."

For whatever my humble opinion is worth? Discussion of this story, and the repurcussions it has wrought for Toby Nunn, should be going viral.....particularly on milblogs.

And also, to SFC Nunn (as I sit here wearing my "Bad Voodoo" t-shirt while I type this post :).......I'd like to have the utmost support and admiration of folks like my husband and I, and we wish you well, in your attempt to clear your name and record. You spoke the truth as you saw it, and we thank you for doing so and regret what that has cost you.

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