Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 2008 Milblog Conference, and a Baby Shower

Well, I haven't blogged about the 2008 Milblog Conference , which will be held as part of the Blog World & New Media Expo Conference in Las Vegas Sept. 20-21,2008 at the Las Vegas Convention Center........mostly because I won't be able to go!

However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't help spread the word about it!

Especially now that I saw Andi's blog post HERE , that once again they will be having a Baby Shower at the Milblog Conference......this time, for Joey and Jayme Bozik, who are expecting their first child, A Girl, on Christmas Eve.


If you don't know the story of Joey and Jayme Bozik, Blackfive has posts Here

and I found a link to a news video about Joey and Jayme's upcoming new home

and you can see more pics at the Operation Coming Home blog

(and find out more about Operation Coming Home at their Website ) get back to the Baby Shower info:

If you aren't attending the MilBlog Conference, but would like to send a gift to the Boziks, they are registered at the following places:

Babies R Us


Simple Wonders

Baby Supermall

Even though I can't go to the Milblog Conference this year.... I can sure go shopping! :)

Lastly,check the comments on Andi's post. , the baby's name will be

Violet Skye Bozik

So....let's go shopping to welcome Violet to the world in December!

And......please....... Spread the Word! :)
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