Monday, October 13, 2008

"Operation Love From Home" ,friend Kat is at it again:)

Friend Kat, over at Yikes! is once again having a card drive for the troops

She always does a Wonderful job of getting Christmas messages to the troops...and her newly incorporated 501c Operation Love From Home sent 'our' soldier a great many cards back in July, for his 21rst birthday:) Thank you,Kat! and Operation Love From Home!

Here's the scoop on her Operation Love From Home project:

OK folks, here we go again, collecting Christmas/Holiday cards for our deployed Heroes!!!

This year the goal is the biggest ever: we would like to get at least 50,000 holiday cards to our Heroes in harm's way! We can't accomplish this awesome goal without YOU! Please forward this info on to others you think would be interested in this project, and if you have a blog, please consider posting about it. This is a team effort...together, we can make a real difference to our troops who are missing home during the holidays! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We have a printable flyer we are happy to send you (can also be downloaded from our Yahoo! group), as well as a letter that you can send to local schools/organizations to seek their support. Just drop us a line and we'll be happy to send those items to you. Thank you for your support of our heroes! Info re: Love From Home 2008 is below! Most sincerely, "Mama Kat" Orr, President, Operation Love From Home.

The Mission: To collect at least 50,000 Christmas/Holiday cards for troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all over the world.

The Reason: Being away from home and living in harsh conditions with combat & constant danger is difficult ~ our troops need to know we have not forgotten them!!! Mail from home helps to keep our troops' morale strong, making a very real difference in their lives. It keeps them motivated and focused when they know we care about them!

The Address: Send your signed, unsealed thank-you cards to the following address:
Mrs. Kathy Orr

P.O. Box 1660
Loganville, Georgia, 30052


The Guidelines:
The cards can be handmade or store-bought. This is a great opportunity to get your Scout troop, school, church and other civic organizations involved in doing something to show support for our troops.

Please, no glitter on the cards. Because of the intended destinations of the cards, nothing "shiny" should be sent for safety & security reasons.

*IMPORTANT: This is not a "dating service." Please do not send suggestive or otherwise inappropriate cards or materials. Please also refrain from making political statements of any nature. We will be reading and screening every card received to ensure that the above guidelines are adhered to.

Remember: This is strictly to let the troops know that we love them, we are proud of them and that we HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN them!

If you have any questions, please contact us at or

Check out our website: for more info!


so please, won't you consider helping out Operation Love From Home?
and....spread the word! :)
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