Thursday, October 16, 2008

Write a Note of Thanks to a Vet

Via SpouseBuzz's post What military support looks like in DJ Emery country

comes a request for a letter of thanks to a veteran:

SPECIAL 'THANK A VETERAN' REQUEST: A friend of mine has been named the chairperson of the Veteran’s Day program sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary at the State College American Legion, Post 245. As part of the program, she is looking for people to write a letter to one of their Legion veterans so that each of their veteran attendees will get a letter of thanks that day. The letter can be written to anyone – male or female and should be addressed: Dear Veteran,. Contents of the letter can include special thanks to the veteran for our freedom, their dedication, sacrifices, etc. She asks that the letter be signed with your name and age - prefers that the letter is handwritten and not typed if possible. Please share this information – the letters need to be received no later than October 25, 2008.
You need to leave a comment requesting the address at SpouseBuzz, the link again is HERE

and,spread the word, of course:)
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