Monday, October 13, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


Welcome to my weekly 'surf' of the web for news by, and about,
Soldiers Angels

(The web surf was on a brief hiatus due to the fact that I primarily blogged on AOL, and AOL decided to shut their blog service down...oy! had to save two years of blog postings! I've moved my primary blog over to Blogger now, Mail Call! Supporting the Troops and archived all my previous blog posts from the AOL blog.)

I decided not to go back over two weeks worth of posts by or about Soldiers Angels that I thought were worth passing on, but will just take a quick look at the previous week's postings that I thought you might enjoy checking, without further ado...

Soldiers Angels Connecticut is posting,I don't recall mentioning this blog before, so please stop by there :)

Soldiers Angels Lousiana tells us about The power of a blog
don't miss that one!

Wendy's Wonderings wrote about A New SA Cookbook

Willie at A German-American Friendship Bracelet posted about Oktoberfest and also about
a Blankets of Hope Visit to a VA Hospital in Tampa,FL

Soldiers Angels Germany posted The DJ Emery Highway

The Soldiers Angels October newsletter link is courtesy of Soldiers Angels Network

And don't forget the link for the Soldiers Angels Convention which will be July 23-26,2009.

That's the surf!
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