Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


My "this used to be a weekly feature, but now you just never know when you'll see me post this"(LOL)
"surf" of the web for posts and news by, and about
Soldiers Angels

First up, I guess I've been 'out of the loop' again, as I don't recall passing on these 2 websites....check out soldiers angels oregon good stuff over there, like
Today was that day...

and then, via Bag Blog:SA paintings I was asking myself the question "card contest?" which led me to THIS (a card contest that, of course, never showed up previously in my Google alerts,sigh, and is already ended....) However, now we know that there's a website for
Soldiers Angels Colorado Region Yay:)

For other cool stuff that's out there on the web........

From Soldiers Angels Texas DFW Angels Welcome Troops Home

Via Soldiers Angels Washington Phoenix Chili Cookoff & Music Festival

The Beasley & Wright Family Blog gives us their Soldiers Angels Update

Sarah Way Down South says in part of This Post
Soldiers Angels-Adopt A Soldier "Again, I just want to encourage everyone I know to do this if you can and if you can't, there are some other ways to contribute. I adopted my soldier, last week, and got his package in the mail, today! It's not terribly expensive and it would be a great project if you're a teacher, Sunday School teacher, or even a mom or dad and want to get your kids involved! We owe these guys and girls so much, it's the least we can do, right?"
Bless you, Sarah!! and Welcome to Soldiers Angels!

and another new Angel at Balance My Chaos has a Great first letter to her newly-adopted soldier Letter to a soldier
Welcome! also, to Kim, and "Happy Angeling" :)

Lastly, from AFGHANISTANSHRUGGED.COM get a cool shirt and also help support Soldiers Angels Vampire ETT wants YOU!

And remember, you can always look for Soldiers Angels news at
Soldiers Angels Blogwire on blognetnews.com/soldiersangels

That's the 'surf'!
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