Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


My "let's face it, there's no rhyme or reason anymore to when I post this":)
surf of the web for news by, and about
Soldiers Angels

Short 'surf' this week,
remember you can get all the latest Soldiers Angels blog news Anytime at

A couple of blog posts I especially wanted to highlight:

Brat poured her heart into this one, in honor of a Fallen Hero, over at Soldiers Angels New York

Sean Diamond-One of the Chosen Ones

On View from the 8th Floor, there's a post about the film Brothers at War
"Brothers at War"--A 'must-see' documentary

which garnered a comment from one of the film's directors of photography, so she posted a follow-up
More on "Brothers at War"-updated

Angel Tawnya has good news at Insanity isn't the disease, it's the symptom
Some really cool stuff....


Two posts in the news about Soldiers Angels:

From in FL
Returning Soldiers Treated to Cookout & Celebration

and lastly, while Soldiers Angels is NOT a 'dating service'....sometimes, connections just happen,
and this was a nice story to read from The Grand Rapids News via

Class writes soldiers, teacher gets pen pal of her dreams: Air Force sergeant from Grand Rapids

(Editor's note: while we certainly need folks to become 'Angels' to 'adopt' servicemembers? If you are joining with hopes of 'meeting someone', the above story is the Exception, not the norm.)

Well, that's the 'surf'!

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