Monday, September 28, 2009

Go,MP's! 2009 Warfighter Competition

Let's just say I know someone who participated in this:)

An article in the Ft. Leonard Wood newspaper that describes the competition

MPs gear up for regimental week: Warfighter competition continues by Kerstin Mitchell

JP over at posted about a civilian blogger who is blogging about her experience at Ft. Leonard Wood...........on her blog called Civilian Standpoint Tessa Long also had a post about the Warfighter Challenge..... Warfighter which was pretty cool to come across, considering we were quite interested in hearing about this!

The Guidon at Ft. Leonard Wood had this article up today as a wrap- up
2009 Warfighter Challenges Military Police by Kerstin Mitchell

and the Ft. Leonard Wood Facebook page had a photo album with pics from the event
2009 Warfighter Challenge

(those of you who know him will recognize one of the MP's in one of the pics! pretty cool,huh?)

This sounds like a pretty grueling and challenging event......congratulations, both to the winners, and to ALL who participated in this!
Go, Army MP's!
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