Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Military Health System says : SPEAK UP REACH OUT : September is Suicide Prevention Month

On August 13, 2009, the U.S. Department of Defense posted this news release

Army Releases July Suicide Data

Sadly, also on August 13, the bloggers at Flopping Aces posted that one of their writers had taken his own life on June 30.

Flopping Aces Writer Major Chris Galloway Dead at 36

Many others in the blogging, and mil-blogging, communities, also posted about Major Galloway's death around that time,such as:

Michelle Malkin: Maj. Chris Galloway,R.I.P.

C.J. at A Soldier's Perspective: Suicide Solution is No Solution

While I have never had to deal with the suicide of a close friend or family member, one of the sad truths I learned during the 2 years I assisted in researching the lives of fallen soldiers as a part of the Living Legends Team (which supports the families of the fallen on behalf of Soldiers Angels) was that, all too often, when a DOD news release about a death contained the phrase: died of injuries from a non-combat related incident......further research about that fallen soldier would reveal that they had taken their own life.

Suicides by those in the military, or those who have recently left the military, have become a growing concern not only for those in the military community, but also for those of us who have family members serving, or simply the many,many people out there who so avidly support our troops.

They've posted links before about ways for those serving, or those who have family members serving, to get help.....(for example, over at Hooah Wife and Friends , the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number is posted prominently at the top left of the blog)

I received a link today in an email from the Military Health website that I wished to pass along, and I urge all of you to please help spread the link:

In recognition of Suicide Prevention Month in September, the Military Health wants to pass along suicide prevention resources and information. The link on the website is here

September: Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

As it says on the MilHealth link? SPEAK UP REACH OUT

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