Thursday, January 17, 2008

Could You Be An Angel?

The call is going out from Soldiers Angels

(and you can see more posts about this here , here , and here , to show just a very few of the many folks trying to help spread the word )

This email went out earlier this week, from the Founder of Soldiers Angels:


We really did good at Christmas. Heroes Love to be adopted!

We got this quote,

\"Your organization is highly coveted and recommended by all. Is it possible if we can be added to the Soldier\'s Angels program. We\'ve got a lot of young soldiers who are experiencing difficult times for their first deployment, and external support from our nation\'s greatest supporters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.\"

It is wonderful we are able to help with morale. Will you adopt another hero?

Or will you please cantact your local churches,schools, hospitals, Scouts?

Many of our sons and daughters are in harms way and could use some support from home!

If you are an approved angel financially able to adopt another hero please login tohttp://approvedangels.comand click the link \"Request an additional soldier\",

or tell all you can to go to and click adopt a soldier.

Thank you for helping!!
Patti Patton-Bader
626 398 4224

If you think you'd like to be an Angel? Please go Here , and click on 'Adopt A Soldier', to get started And, Thank You! if you are considering becoming an Angel !

And don't forget to also check out the Angels Store , where you can order things like Phone Cards , Care Packages ,or Food ,to send to your 'Adopted Soldier' :)

And hey,Valentine's Day is coming up quickly!

The Angels Store has a Valentine Care Package !
And most of all....please help Spread the Word! Email your friends :)

Check out folks like Aunt Nancy , who started Troop Support on her own, and now finds that she's in need of Soldiers to Adopt Out, and Soldiers Angels is in need of Angels to she is doing some coordination with Soldiers Angels...Yay! Aunt Nancy :)

If you are not in a position where you can Adopt? Don't Despair!

There are still many other ways to Be An Angel, check out the Teams and Programs on the Soldiers Angels website.

Thanks! And hopefully......"Happy Angeling! " to You!
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