Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lagging Behind on the Blogging, From my Inbox(es), and Facebook

Well, I've been sadly lagging on blogging lately, other than posting the Wednesday Hero and my weekly Soldiers Angels Web Surfing, and 'family stuff' like my daughter's birthday.

It's not like I wouldn't have plenty to blog about, as I've received some emails from various folks alerting or updating me about things that are going on around the blogosphere....I just seem to end up choosing lately between 'reading' or 'writing',lol, but never enough time to do Both! (and 'have a life' plus work full-time,etc,etc:)

So, very quickly before I yet Again have to go to work, I wanted to pass on a few things of interest that folks have emailed me about or that I've seen around the web.

Also(ROFL) like I wasn't already Enough places on the Web? I've decided to go ahead and get on Facebook

I vacillated for quite awhile over doing so, since I already feel like with two gmail accounts (one that I use as part of the Soldiers Angels Living Legends team ), a blogging presence on AOL, Yahoo 360, MySpace AND Blogger.....that sheesh, this could be the reason I don't have time to blog anymore,LOL....I'm spread too thin?

(even though the blog on AOL is my 'main blog', and the rest is mostly copying and pasting :)
But, I took the plunge today, and joined Facebook....and am clueless thus far on all the ins and outs of yet another 'social networking' site :)

And now, without more ado? here's just a sampling of a few things I thought others might want to check out:

A very good blog I just stumbled across, by the mother of a deployed soldier
Click here: This Just In

A Blue Star Mother who's helped to produce a 17 page 'Guide to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder'
Click here: DefenseLink News Article: America Supports You: Guide Offers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Resources
and you can find out more about the guide at the Blue Star Mothers website

Online Military Candle sites (passed on by my friend, AF Mom Deb)

A friend on Yahoo 360 had this posted.

That's all I had time to pass on right now, and now I Must get ready for work. Hope everyone has a good day, and my Thanks, to all the folks who email me:) (and also my apologies, that it's taken me awhile to have the time to pass these things along.)
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