Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JP makes The Sandbox! and Various Other things of Note

Well, my 'friend that I have never yet met in person",lol, JP of Milblogging.com fame. is still trying to spread those "Golden Rules of Care Packages" that he first came up with while he was deployed in 2004.

He's got a post up on The Sandbox


(as his disclaimer says, these 'rules' were written 'tongue-in-cheek', and they're just meant to bring a laugh, not be a true guide of what to send, or not send,LOL:)

Some other sites I wanted to pass on, in no particular order.

The previously mentioned This Just In ,led me to this site

Click here: Toys For Troops - World Peace, One Plush Toy at a Time.

and this blog

Click here: Toys for Troops

This site has the expanded version of the awesome Marine Corps. commercial, plus a ton of other stuff.....go check it out :)

Click here: Our Marines

and,trust my friend SK to find a good Marine blog! Check out this post she forwarded to me from a former Marine's blog:

Click here: Murphy was a Grunt: Mail Call & A Special Memory

Lastly, a bit of Good news!

Local Soldiers are Coming Home Early!

(crossposted, as usual, from my real blog . I fell into blogging backwards, like I do most things, so I started out on AOL instead of Blogger.... )
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