Friday, January 04, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

First web 'surf' of 2008! and I have some Great posts by and about Soldiers Angels to pass on!
This post by Soldiers Angels Germany sent me to Blackfive, for a story that is ....just go read (and take some tissues)
Click here: BLACKFIVE: Operation Puppy Love - Bringing DJ Home

Soldiers Angels VA Team gives us the Final Tally on the Hugs for Heroes Project

Here's a Contest you might want to enter!
Click here: Information Dissemination: Project Valour-IT 2007 Fund Drive Contest

Just...way cool!
Click here: SOLDIERS' ANGELS TEXAS: Outstanding Display of Patriotism

Butterfly Wife is The Penultimate Card Sender!! Phew! Just made the Deadline

And, I always love to come across 'new-to-me' blogging Angels :)

I'm One of Charlie's Angels


Letters to Phyllis

Short 'surf' this Friday, since I got an End of Year surf in earlier this week.

Happy 2008!
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