Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Care Packages and Cards for the Troops....Deadlines Approaching!

As you can see from this United States Postal Service News Release
Holiday Mailing Deadlines are fast approaching.

(short version: It looks like the latest date for Priority Mail cards and packages to go out to most APO/FPO AE AA addresses is Dec. 11--
the exception being APO/FPO AE ZIP 093, which is Dec.4 )

So, it's time to pass on once more some various Holiday Projects to Support the Troops...time is getting short!

Soldiers Angels" Wrapped in Holiday Spirit " program is (you knew I was going to:)starting to 'wrap up'...but, there's still time for you to order a Wrapped in Holiday Spirit Care Package for only $18.75,( just click 'Send to Any Hero' when you order.)

This next one's easy...... The Big Thank You all you need to do is post a message!
The goal of The Bert Show's Big Thank You 2008 is to collect 1,051,200 unique messages by Thanksgiving Day. Each message will be posted on this site, and when we reach our goal, we will have enough messages to display a new flashing one on this site every thirty seconds ... for one entire year!

Toys-For-Troops posts about Christmas Care Packages:2008
Their packing party is Dec. 7, and as she says "if you're not from central Illinois, you can still participate in the merrymaking..." (go read to find out How...and then, check out the rest of their blog, and the great job they just did for Thanksgiving and Veteran's day!)

(Go read how to send a card to 'any servicemember' and also the Facebook page they mention in the article seems to be HERE where you can leave a message that will be printed out and sent.)

and Kat at Yikes is collecting cards for Operation Love From Home through Nov.22.

Just wanted to pass on a few of the ways you can brighten the Holidays for someone in the Military!

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