Sunday, November 09, 2008

You never know......

where that mention of Soldiers Angels is going to lead.

I've mentioned at work that I belong to Soldiers Angels (once or twice,lol....ok, maybe a little More than that.....:)

and yesterday one of my younger co-workers said to me "you gave me the inspiration for my speech class in college ."

Me: "really, how did I do That?"

She said "You know how you're Always talking about Soldiers Angels? well, I was having trouble finding information on the topic I had first picked.....and then I thought of you, and the things you'd said about Soldiers Angels, so I went by their website and got Tons of information, and I gave a 'persuasive' speech to try and persuade others to send care packages to soldiers, using all that information." entire college class heard about Soldiers Angels, because I talk a lot:)

(and my coworker.....she got an "A" on her speech :)

pretty cool,huh? :)
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