Saturday, November 01, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


Another weekly surf of the web for news by, and about,
Soldiers Angels

Greta isn't the only blogger we know who will be attending the 2008 Soldiers Angels Benefit Gala in DC on Nov.6........Paul from Seize Adventure is another who will be there.
Can't attend myself....but can't wait to see the posts about this Afterwards!

Greta also checks in via Soldiers Angels Louisiana with a great link to a story about Helping Wounded Soldiers

and View From the 8th Floor posts Operation Fresh Air 2008-Part IV

Willie at A German-American Friendship Bracelet also posts about helping the Wounded
Helping the sick and the injured ,Soldiers’ Angels bring necessities, cheer to recovering war wounded

and MaryAnn from Soldiers Angels Germany writes about a Thank You note from a former Landstuhl patient
"This blanket is proof that there are still many back home that love and support us."

That leads to Soldiers Angels Texas reminder about blankets
Wrapped in Holiday Spirit

and now that we're on the subject of the holidays,Greta also has a post
$18.75 purchases a holiday package for a soldier

and this Angel at American Soldier Supporter says Happy Halloween! and then reminds us of all the many ways we can support our troops for the holidays through Soldiers Angels

Soldiers Angels Washington posts about the holidays,also
Operation Adopt a Puget Sound Vet/Fisher House Family Fill a Stocking!

That's all for this week's surf!
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