Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Valour-IT Teams

There's probably some 'ultra-techy' way for me to do this that I'm just not understanding,lol,
(even though I checked out the Valour-IT Blog )

On the Valour-IT fundraiser page
you can see the 'Team' totals, and down underneath that, you can catch the latest blog posts about Valour-IT
(and remember, the Teams are all in the spirit of fun, all monies raised go to the same place in the end)

I just wanted to link to the sign up pages for each team, because under the sign up it lists all the blogs currently participating for that Team. It's a great way for you to 'surf' some great blogs.

Since my blog is,( of course,) signed up for the Army Team, I'm going to start out linking to that one.

Army Team

Marines Team

Navy Team

Air Force Team

Coast Guard Team

So go check out the blogs on each Team, and while you're there? why not consider Joining one of the Teams?(subliminal insert:Army) and help spread the word about this fundraiser!
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