Friday, November 21, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


Welcome to my weekly surf of the web for news by, and about
Soldiers Angels

I've changed my 'web surf' pic this week to remind you that fundraising is still going on for the Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT

There are many, many bloggers joining in spreading the word, and they've each joined a different 'Team' representing the branches of the Armed Forces, so I thought I'd highlight a post from a blogger from each of the Teams.

Soldiers Angels New York has a post up for the Air Force Team here

Miss Ladybug posts for Team Army here

Boston Maggie takes a swipe at the Air Force team on behalf of Team Navy here (and she's scary-good at tricking people into joining the Navy Team,lol...she almost got me signed up on Facebook, until I realized 'wait, you don't spell Army N-A-V-Y!':)

CG Blog (An UNofficial Coast Guard Blog) tells us the Coasties are lagging behind, but still hanging in

And Soldiers Angels Germany comes in with a blog post for the Marines that had me cracking up here

The competition is all in good fun, and the money all goes to the same place in the end.(although my heart lies with 'Go,Team Army'! just in case you haven't picked a Team to donate through yet...I'm just sayin:)

In other places to visit on this web surf...........

Soldiers Angels Network has a post up about another very worthy cause to support.....Operation Survivor from Survivor Corps

An Awesome Stamper and New Adopter of a Soldier has a great post here

This Angel has a wonderful story about
The Best Veteran's Day Ever

Soldiers Angels Louisiana has some great links to check out in
Louisiana news

The Soldiers Angels November newsletter link can be found Here

And I close with this post from Ladies of Liberty
Happy Thanksgiving from Soldiers Angels

That's the surf!
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